Thursday, November 12, 2015



Friends asked me to remind them of the cooking tips I have shared.

1-Nana Ortenzi's Parmesan Cheese storage
      Always buy a block of good quality Parmesan or Romano cheese.
      Grate what you need.  Most of the time if you do not use it up fast
      enough, the cheese dry out. Not if you follow my Mama's tip....
       get a clean white hankie or cloth napkin. Moisten thoroughly with
       white vinegar, wringing out the excess.  Wrap around the cheese and
       store in a Ziploc bag. Never have dried out cheese again.

2-Cutting an onion
     Peel the skins off. Cut off the top.  Cut the onion in one direction almost to the END. Turn      the onion, cut at 90 degrees to form cross cuts. Turn on its side and cut across the cuts.      Voila diced onions.

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