Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Comments received

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from Sue in Austin TX
Ann  forwarded your "cooking chicken soup" YouTube video,  which I loved!, and it was so heart-warming seeing you, again!
 from Pauletta, Virginia

This was great!  Let me know when the Bean Soap is posted.  This looks like your calling. You are a fantastic cook, thanks for sharing you recipes and techniques on You Tube.  Brilliant idea

from Melissa in Hamburg, PA
OMG ... my cousin the You Tube Queen ... Soup Queen, no less... Congratulations!!!   It was just great to see you and hear your voice ... And I liked when you added Nana's cheese-keeping secret ... that was awesome

from John in England

 I did see your cooking video what a blast and you looked good, bloody good attempt.

from Sandy in Burke,VA

I made your chicken soup and it was the best chicken soup I have ever made.  In the past mine was too watery or had too little taste and I'd have to add some canned soup to make it taste better.  This was great as it was. Chuck liked it also.
Your second video was excellent. I'll make the  Dump It In soup some time soon. I like the "anti-toot secret."  I hope that it works

from Sr Andrea, Bristow VA

What a great idea! Your photo is good and your ideas are great also.

from Ann in Austin,Texas

 Saw it on your blog and tried to respond but I couldn’t do it.....  YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!   I am soooooo impressed.....  you , go girl.....
 from Lisa in NJ

 Patti...Your recipes look scrumptious!  I am going to make the Sausage & Tortellini soup this weekend !  Seriously, I think that you should contact the Rachael Ray Show with your videos...She is always looking for new and unique cooking tips!  I will go with you to NYC !!!  Only 20 min. from my house....lol !!!  Best of luck with this endeavor. I have a good feeling that this may "take off!!!" You have found your niche !!!   

from Shirley in Va Beach
  • Another winner, I saw the line-up of upcoming soups and they look great
  • Noticed you switched pots... Winking smile   (Patti note: Needed the extra room!)
  • Also liked the full screen vs. the narrow one of the last...
  • Question: 1) is it possible to make your recipe print friendly... 
  •       (Patti note: Copy and paste from my blog here)
  •  2) are these soups freezable ?  They make waaay to much for just the two of us.
  •       (Patti note:Yes freezable and just cut recipe in 1/2 or 1/4's..I like leftovers)
  • OBTW    You are looking great! 

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